To be careful when choosing plastic toys

Toy is every child’s childhood friend, it play an important role, so parents carefully selected trustworthy toys for their children. At present, toys are mostly made of plastic on the market. A few days ago, the Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau of Guangdong province in China, carries out a monitor plan on the risk of children’s toys. The staff took sampling 90 batches in the field of production and circulation field and found 38 batch samples have quality and safety problems at different levels.
Most defective samples under reasonably foreseeable abuse will produce sharp tip or widget falls off. It is an insecurity factor.

Another 4 batch of products contain more phthalic acid esters plasticizer than qualified one that reach to the latest toys standard limit.

30 batches of defective toys volatile organic compounds at different levels.

Children are relatively insensitive about insecurity factors and have little awareness of self-protection. As a result, they are easy to get damaged by defective toys. It emerges plenty of cases that children get hurt by toys every year.

In the industry of children’s toys, plastic toys are worth attention because the productions of plastic toys are large, the types are various, and the second-hand recycling materials are inferior. The quality and safety problems of these kinds of inferior children’s toys are more prominent. Its typical quality safety problems include:

1. The toughness and strength of inferior plastic toys bare not enough. It will lead to a consequence that toys are easily crushed or broken, easy to have a widget or falling debris, the risk of existence and be swallowed by children, at the same time, the damaged parts to produce sharp tip easily hurt children, children damage may also be jammed fingers;

2. In the process of waste plastics recycling dissolved, volatile organic compounds in the solvent are easy to remain on the end toy products. For an example, some of plastic toys sold by vendors on the open space have typical pungent smells. If children touch these toys for a long time, it might chronically damage them.

3. In order to improve the physical features of the repeatedly recycled material, manufacturers may add excessive plasticizer and cause the amount of plasticizer is beyond the standard. It will bring potential chemical risk.

4. The painting of inferior plastic toys may be lack of security. It will cause coating easy to fall off and poisonous heavy metal is out of safe range.

When Parents choose toys for children, we suggest that you should guarantee the quality of plastic toys and keep receipts or invoices every time. In order to preserve children’s health and safety, please refuse to buy inferior toy products with low prices, and keep far away from toys sold by non-licensed vendors.
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