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7 reasons to choose lab grown diamonds

Simulated diamonds or lab diamonds have grown in popularity over the past few years and are now, a popular alternative to natural diamonds. Due to the rarity and highly improbable conditions needed to create a natural diamond, they are naturally more sought after. But man made diamonds also have their own set of advantages that may convince you to invest in one,

1. Lab diamond and natural diamonds are the same thing

What a lot of people don’t realize is that natural and lab diamonds are incredibly difficult to tell apart. Since they both carry the exact same molecular structure, even highly qualified gemologists are not able to tell the difference without extensive testing.

2. Lab diamonds are bigger and clearer

Unlike natural diamonds, chance and randomness rarely plays a part in the synthesis of lab diamonds. Due to the highly controlled production conditions, scientists are able to create diamonds that are clearer and bigger, with greater regularity.

3. Lab diamonds are much less expensive

This is a given due to the fact that the production process of a man made diamond does not take millions of years like their natural counterparts. You can expect a price reduction up to 25% of a natural diamond and considering the quality of the stones, they will always make a fantastic bargain.

4. The environment is not harmed in the production of lab diamonds

If you do a bit of research on diamond mining, you will notice that these operations are massive in scale and often tend to leave the surrounding environment in tatters. As for artificial diamonds, they are made with a modest amount of resources and created inside laboratories with minimal or no damage to the environment.

5. Lab diamonds are guaranteed to be free from conflict

The majority of natural diamonds are mined in war ravaged parts of Africa. These diamonds often leave a trail of violence, abuse and in some cases, even civil wars. Even the diamonds from conflict free zones are extracted from the earth employing underprivileged labor and human rights violations. Lab diamonds are a subject to such controversy and are created by qualified and trained professionals and leave absolutely no doubts about their origins.

6. Colored lab diamonds are not as expensive

White diamonds are the most difficult to grow inside a laboratory and therefore, are much more expensive than the colored versions. Lab grown blue and yellow diamonds are only about 10% of the price it would cost for their mined versions.

7. You can expect greater clarity from lab diamonds

Once again, the fact that lab grown diamonds are created in controlled conditions ensures a higher probability for clearer and larger stones. While flawless natural stones are extremely rare many manufacturers of lab diamonds have managed to refine their techniques enough to ensure flawless or near-flawless quality. In addition, some manufacturers add a special coating to prevent damage to the stone as well as to increase its ability to reflect light. Aside from flawless clarity, you can also expect for greater resistance to damage as well as a brighter sparkle.

While some of you may not be convinced to consider giving your fiancé-to-be a lab grown diamond, others might find them an economical solution that can be enjoyed with a clearer conscience. There are plenty of reliable online stores that offer beautifully hand crafted lab grown diamond jewelry as well as exquisite and flawless loose stones to use on your own designs.

iConcept Media is the Marketing Company of the Future

The world of brand management is a very vast and expansive field, with many pitfalls and drop offs waiting to catch the unaware. Like embarking on a journey in the wilderness, marking on a quest for brand management requires a guide that will help you every step of the way, and iConcept Media has set themselves up to be a standout guide. It isn’t very often you find a com-pany that fills you with confidence in their abilities, but iConcept Media is such a company.

What iConcept Media offers is full-service strategic marketing and communication, and full is of course the operative word here.iConcept Media goes above and beyond in their individual ap-proach to any brand.There is no two cases that iConcept Media has done the same steps with, everything is built according to the specifications needed for each client, big or small.

At iConcept Media, their number one goal for each brand is to keep sales at a maximum, while maintaining a consistent brand image that cements a successful future for all involved. While every brand’s plan is fully unique and one of a kind, there is always one through line among each brand: the absolute drive and passion from all involved at iConcept Media, making all goals seemingly thought impossible into something that is absolutely achievable.

An entity with a toolset that is rivaled by none in the industry, iConcept Media offers services such as PR, marketing, branding, event planning and production, graphic and web design, ad-vertising and promotions, all with a focus on high end brands, emerging brands and the lifestyle sector. Those working at the company have experience in all fields of PR and brand manage-ment, with dozens of years of combined knowledge.

iConcept Media is receiving wide acclaim as one of the fastest growing boutique agencies the world over with additional operations in the west coast and Europe, with more planned for the future.

iConcept Media Group is also more than just a marketing company, it is a multifaceted entity. Through its many organizations, charities, and digital platforms, iConcept Media has demon-strated experience in inspiring people young and old to follow their dreams. The agency provides the necessary tools and resources for those people to achieve their goals and contribute to society in a meaningful way. iConcept Media demonstrates the same commitment to every one of its ventures, which constitute a wide range of genres and platforms. They include areas such as sports, fashion, politics, technology and just about everything else in between

Latest fashion news & ideas:Your Coats This Winter

It might be a bit early to feel cold, but it’s never too early to speak of wintery trends. We are always eager to find out all about the cold season’s popular items, and now we choose to shed the light on coats. The latest jacket trends for women are awesome, with updates on classic styles, and some newer looks as well.

What makes this season’s coats really special is the fact that they are voluminous and bright, so you can just wear them over any regular outfit, and you’ll be good to go, looking really cozy and chic. Here are seven designs for this winter’s coats for women… just choose one of them and slip it on.

Velvet Coats: Velvet coats are distinguished by their luxurious fabrics that are soft enough to sleep in. You can choose a chunky topper that will last you through winter, especially when layered. You can also wear blazer styles that provide a flashy finish for evening wear.

Shaggy Coats: Shaggy coats are big and voluminous. They can be really fuzzy, and with that they add a whole lot of texture to any regular outfit, such as a t-shirt and jeans.

Trench Coats with Updates: Trench coats for women are always in style. They stay in your closet from winter to winter, and they can never go out of style. This season, choose a trench coat that is a bit different than the usual. The updated trench has super stylish details. It either comes in the classic camel shade with fancy buttons and an oversize silhouette, or it’s in a flashy material like leather or PVC.

Mixed Material: What we mean with mixed material is a jackets with more than one fabric, one color and lots of designs in them. It can be a varsity jacket or a mid-length peacoat, experimenting with embellishments, graphics, and jewel finishes.

Patchwork: A patchwork coat is amazing! It is full of colors and prints, and adds more than enough vibrancy to any outfit. It’s all about striking a color block effect with just one piece.

Puffer: Puffer coats are also jackets that are always in style. They are flexible and extremely comfortable. This season’s puffer coats are not long and really big. They are worn off the shoulder in a cropped silhouette.

Military: Military coats have been in style for a couple of cold seasons now, yet they come with few updates this winter. They come with slick lining or smooth plated buttons and fine tailoring too.

Which of these winter jackets for women do you prefer?

Follow the latest fashion news & ideas for the upcoming winter.

Abundance symbols and jewelry

I don’t know about you, but I have always separated people in two large groups. Depending on the point of view that you consider, you may divide those groups into others, but as far as human nature is involved, there will always be two sorts of people: the people that always complain about everything in their lives and the people that always see the bright side of things.

I don’t know which group you are in, but let me assure you that all of these traits that define you can change if you are determined to do so. I was also someone that complained about most things in my life, always saying that it was too much and I couldn’t handle it, but I always managed to find a way to solve all my problems. And after a while I realized something.

No matter how tough things got, the solution may not have been so hard to find and I always found it. Even though I considered many things to be a handful, when I looked back after I solved the problem it seemed like a piece of cake. And all these aspects of my bitter life changed when I started to notice that there were numerous abundance symbols at each step in my life.

Many people consider abundance symbols whenever they see someone that has a lot more than they need. Even though this is logical, it is not true. Abundance symbols can be found in the lives of each of us, considering that you know where to look.

If you are interested in what I consider abundance symbols, you shouldn’t look too far. Family and friends are something that many people lack, even those that appear to have a great life. Health and fitness is also something that we should not leave out.

Even though we can always find something to complain about, we should always see the half of the glass that is full. No matter how hard things get, you can always overcome them, because all you need to do is look for abundance symbols and cherish what you already have.

But ancient people have also found abundance symbols and have transposed them into jewelry. These small pieces may find greater meaning and have a more powerful impact on someone that believes in their powers. This is why skeptics have not business here.

As we all know there is a law of attraction that bonds all things together. The jewelry pieces symbolize the great powers that we hold and how we should be grateful for what we have, and that will in turn bring a lot more joy and abundance into our lives.

There are many opinions regarding this subject, and if you are committed to changing your life and taking another path that is better for you, then you should consider reading some information about these pieces of jewelry I am talking about.

The website that can offer this information is This is where you will find some opinions that will change your life forever, and you will be able to change you point of view on life with just a few pieces of jewelry.

7 Things to Know Before Going for Hair Extension Courses

if you are in a way of attending the Hair Extension trainings or course, then there are some vital facts that should be known before starting with them. Knowing these can help to let you see a significant change in your Hair Extension for sure.

How is the training center?
Before deciding where to go for learning hair extensions, you should primarily short list some good classes offering it. After shortlisting the training centers, be sure to choose the one who has good expertise and experience in this, and earning money is not the only motto of them. And, also be sure to see whether the training center is approved one or not.

How long the training will take place?
Before pursuing the classes from such institutes you should be aware of the actual duration these classes will take. There are some classes who takes only few days to complete the hair extension training, while the other takes weeks. So, know it and schedule your time accordingly.

How is the Trainer?
Before attending classes, know whether your trainer is a qualified one or not. It is the trainer only who is responsible for your successful completion of the training.

How many students per class?
There are a few organizations that may provide the private courses, where only a single person is trained at a time. You are going to be the only one in class who will be will taught about the extensions by the coach. But, in case you believe you are not going to lose your focus even in the existence of other people, then you can prefer attending the course in combined classes. But, you must ensure that you just do that before the start of your Hair Extension Courses.

What tools will be used?
Hair extension is one of such courses that can’t be learnt and completed without the practical knowledge. So, if you are going through the practical training during the classes, then you should be well familiar with the tools that are going to be involved during the training. Some of the most widely used tools for hair extensions are mannequin heads, clips, etc.

Is there any exam to pass?
There are many institutes where giving theoretical or practical examination is essential to get certified in the hair extension course. It’ll act as a proof that you had successfully taken this course and is certified. Thus, you have to prepare for such examinations, and also for the successful completion of training.

Will there be any live projects?
Know whether the training center is providing you the facility to work on some good live projects or not. Because practical knowledge is very important to get perfect to something.

Do Not Be a Prom Dress Disaster

If you are a woman, you would understand when I say “The Dress have the Power to make or break”. Every significant event in a woman’s life is marked by the dress that went along with it. Woman around the world have closets full of these dresses they just cannot part with.

The Prom! Probably one of the occasions in a woman’s life where the dress must be perfect. It’s an event that’s enough to send many a teenage girl into alternating bouts of excited raptures and blind panic, with the latter owing to the pressure of doing everything – from picking the most divine of party dresses, to settling on one of a myriad of prom hairstyles – right. In fact, for some, deciding on a prom dress is a lot more stressful than making it to graduation! Well, if you’re already starting to panic about prom night this early, fear not. Take heed of the following nifty tips, and you might just find your stress levels alleviated considerably:

1. Be early. Start shopping early, do not wait until the last moment, you know something will happen sooner or later, so have some ideas ready before the occasion presents itself. The prom is no different. By the time prom season rolls around, girls find themselves panic buying and drowning in a sea of red elegant sequin prom dresses. It’s always best to avoid the rush. Start looking around for a prom dress at least 4 months before the event, take your sweet time, and don’t settle for the first half-decent frock you can find.

2. Be inspired. With so many styles available and even more trends that come and go, deciding on a prom dress can be harder than picking a college; hence, why you should look for inspiration wherever you can find it. Of course, celebrity-inspired designer dresses are the most logical choice, so keep an eye out for red carpet events in magazine spreads, fashion websites, and the entertainment channels on TV. Who knows? You might find yourself donning a glamour dress in the style of Kate Middleton, or a Carrie Bradshaw-ish Sex and the City style number come prom night.

3. Be open-minded. Just because you don’t like how a dress looks on the mannequin or a hanger, doesn’t mean it’s not the dress for you. When shopping for prom dresses, it’s always best to keep an open mind. Try on the dresses that you like and a few of the ones that you don’t. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that a seemingly forlorn-looking frock on a hanger looks absolutely divine on you.

4. Be realistic. Be aware that not everybody is built like Halle Berry, so do take stock of your figure before you choose cute cheap short prom dresses under 150. You have to accept that you can’t dress in the style of Vanessa Williams if you’re about 3 feet tall, nor will you look good in a chiffon dress with flower embellishment if you have bigger thighs and arms. You might be partial to cocktail dresses, but you may look better in full-length pageant dresses (or vice versa), so don’t be stubborn. Take your size and shape into consideration, if you do, you can’t go wrong.

5. Be different. Ignore the trends. Come Prom night, many girls just copy their summer dresses. Well, unless you’re hell bent on being another pea from the pod, you obviously want to don a prom dress that you can be proud of calling your own and yours alone. With that in mind, why not go beyond the conventional prom dress and opt for something more adventurous, like a checkered black and white party dress, for instance? Better yet, why not hire a seamstress who can make a one-of-a-kind gown for you? Your dress will have you written in every seam, every section and every color. If that is not enough, you know it will fit you perfectly.

Express your self with fashion

The word “fashion” comes from the Latin “modus” which means “way measure” and, apart from the sense that refers to the way of dressing, one of the definitions given by the dictionary Le Petit Robert “collective tastes, ways of living, feeling that appear fashionable at a given time in a given society”

France is the place where high fashion was born; as in Paris, one of the largest cities in the world, it has acquired, rightly, the title of fashion capital and is perhaps the most important.

Although people have been interested in clothing and fashion for thousands of years, the industry has begun to take shape to années1850. Before 1850, about 70% of the clothes were sewn by hand, even those wearing them.

Since their inception until now, the clothes have gradually changed their goals arriving today to exclusive concept of being fashionable.

Most often, the fashion is directed to people who need a strong personality to highlight the elegance. In a world where appearance is very important, you have to adapt and keep his personality, without departing from what we really are. This is the biggest fashion influence that someone would be proud to own.

Later, at the end of the twentieth century, clothing and purchase become collective passion even children learn the name of Gautier, Dior and Chanel. They also know the most important fashion houses like Lanvin, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Louis Vuitton Malletier, etc.

Fashion, style of dress, in all its aspects, is a non-verbal mode of expressing our feelings, our world view, as to make known indirectly our social position, our financial strength and our preferences. The mode means beauty, good taste, and means of communication, integration and group membership. Be fashionable suppose the help of several elements and factors that have the role to identify both advantages and disadvantages.

Among the advantages, we would rather stress a consequence someone who is fashion shows that he has enough money to be interested in the latest trends and to buy clothes that allow him to leave the ranks, to win in front of others. Indeed, there is a strong link between financial power, the opportunity to purchase the desired clothing and personal happiness, comfort and opportunities of a person who is much attached to fashion. These are the French ones that give attention to accessories signed by famous fashion designers, and of course, they happen in this stage when they have a good financial level, but also when they have more time to worry about that kind of things.

On the other hand, a person who is fashionable is an active person, attractive, informed, who knows the various circles and makes contact with many people. It must always keep pace with the latest trends. In this context, we understand fashion as a contributing factor and that helps a person to fit into a group or a team and identify with, without making a rule.

However, we consider that the arguments against fashion are more numerous. First, in order to be fashionable we must have money to buy clothes and anything derived from it. Not all of the necessary financial resources to afford such an investment that prove sometimes a luxury. From this point of view, purchase products that are fashionable, do not automatically mean that they are the most appropriate for each type of physique, personality, occasion.

If we talk about style, we think it is important to see how women differentiate between the different ways of dressing, depending on the situation. A plus for them is that they make a clear difference between the office clothes, street and used. At the office, they are quite discreet, they prefer luxury suits, sophisticated accessories, but without exaggeration. Regarding the outfits evening or those used, they prefer instead to invest in brands.

Therefore, avoid buying an item just because it is fashionable, without considering other aspects: we are okay.

On the other hand, there are people who want to keep pace with fashion to make up a few and obvious defects in respect of studies, the chosen career, social involvement. In this context, fashion plays a negative role, it deceives us, and it’s almost a vice, the same disease for people who see it as a way to escape the vicissitudes of life. Sometimes we feel inferior to others and this because of the stars that appear to be perfect and also because the models promoted by television and magazines are false.

We would like to emphasize that the expression be fashionable has several meanings: it’s not just clothing and ready to wear, shoes and accessories of all kinds that beautify our appearance, but also trends, manners, existing currents at some point in the context of a society, which are adopted by a lot of people just to be modern and attractive.

Smart Shopper Guide – Which Clothing Material Should You Buy

Do you love to shop, but dread finding the right outfit that will keep you warm during those harsh winter days and cool during summer months? Then you are not alone. In fact, many people find it hard to buy the proper clothes that would keep them warm or comfortable. Below are some of the common clothing materials that are used to make shirts and dresses and hopefully would help you the next time you shop.


Fleece is commonly used to give insulation and used for jackets, sweaters, blankets, mittens and sweat shirts. Natural fleece are usually gathered from sheep and tend to be expensive. A cheaper option are synthetic fibers which are made of wood cellulose. Polyester fleece are extremely durable, moisture resistant and dries up quickly. It is the preferred fabric for people who lives in extreme weather as it keeps them warm.


Cotton is the most widely used material for clothes. The fiber is harvested from the cotton plants of the Malvaceae family and are widely found in Mexico, Africa and India. Cottons are absorbent and great for corduroys, socks, t-shirts and underwear. Cotton is also perfect for those who have allergy or sensitivity concerns as it is a natural hypoallergenic fiber. Cotton materials are also naturally resistant to dust and very breathable making it ideal for people who have skin problems such as eczema.

If you are looking for a wash and wear type, then cotton is the preferred choice of fabric.


Polyester is a synthetic or manmade fiber that is cheaper, durable and has the ability to retain its shape which are highly desirable characteristics in the clothing industry. This material is commonly used for outer wear garments such as jackets, parka and sweater as it traps the air inside keeping the wearer warm during cold weather.

For people who are always on the go, polyester can be machine washed, dry clean and do not require ironing as it is wrinkle resistant.


Wool is all-natural, organic fiber that are gathered from animal hair. Depending on what type of animal the yarn comes from, one would come across a variety of these type such as angora, alpaca, camel vicuna and cashmere. Wool are great as it is breathable, natural insulators and mold resistant. Wool clothing can be knitted, felted or crochet and care has to be given as the fabric has the tendency to shrink.

These are just some of the clothing material commonly available in the market today.Hopefully, this would help you make an informed decision later and make you an informed and a smart shopper.

Are parking sensors that important

Parking spaces are also being designed smaller to compensate for more parking bays and smaller cars, making it so much harder to park your vehicles these days. Most cars are now longer, wider and taller than ever before, and now are a lot higher at the rear of the vehicle making it impossible to see anything out of the rear and side windows, they have been changed to give the vehicles that sexy sleek look. And those safety-conscious roof pillars that limit visibility, and those plunging, pedestrian-friendly bonnets that just disappear from your line of site, but just manage to keep going, making it ridiculous harder to judge when parking your vehicle. Our Front Parking Sensors will help you guide the front or rear into the parking bays with ease. As the car parks now are so narrow and tighter we are finding it more and more difficult. So we need to rely on the aid of Front and Rear Parking Sensors to help us park safely without damaging your vehicle or injury to others.

Yes, alloy wheels and painted bumpers look so much smarter, but scratch or dent them and your wallet will suffer the consequences, to replace the average bumper bar these days is roughly $840.00
unfortunately alto of people don’t relies this, and have generally repaired there bumpers bars once or twice before they call us to fit Parking Sensors.

When you compare the cost of quality pair of Front and Rear Parking Sensors, we are talking about set of quality Parking Sensors that you can depend on, something that can actually help you save your child’s life, or somebody Else’s child. And protect your Bumper bars and cars from damage. We are not talking about poor quality sensors that will false alarm all the time, and go off in the rain and beep for no reason, this just creates a lack of insecurity and trust between you and your parking sensors and you will not rely on them. This is why we only use Ultra Sleek Parking Sensors

It’s therefore hardly surprising that Ultra Sleek Rear Parking Sensors, and Front Parking Sensor systems have taken off. These systems take the stress and guesswork out of parking and could potentially save people getting run over, or damage to your car saving you an expensive repair bill or insurance claim.

Why do I need a Parking/Backup Sensor System?
Having a Parking/Backup Sensor System is like having eyes in the front (4 – 8 sensor systems only) and back of your vehicle and can help you avoid costly accidents and injuries.
Our Parking/Backup Sensor System is a perfect parking aid for backing up/reverse parking, street parking, parallel parking, garage parking, and wherever parking in a tight spot …
We have different Parking/Backup Sensor Systems designed for various types of vehicles. They are especially useful and helpful in SUV’s, vans, buses, trucks, RV’s, and full size sedans which have poor front (4 or 8 sensor systems only) and rear visibility.
The systems can detect still and moving objects including children and small pets in front (4 or 8 sensor systems only) and rear blind area of your vehicle. Four sensors embedded into the front bumper (4 or 8 sensor systems only) and four sensors embedded into the rear bumper detect objects up to 4 – 8 feet from your vehicle.

Your small kids or pets will never again be in danger of getting in the way of your vehicle while you are parking/backing up your vehicle.
You never again have to get someone to watch the rear or front (4 or 8 sensor systems only) of your vehicle while parking.
With our parking/backup sensor system, you won’t have to worry about getting too close to the vehicle in front (4 or 8 sensor systems only) and rear of your vehicle while street parking, or scraping them while getting out of a tight parking spot.
We strongly recommend for ultimate safety you also combine the use of a Reverse Camera with the parking Sensors. Parking sensors guide you within a 1 meter radius of the object, Reverse camera will show you any obstacles behind the vehicle in a 5 meter radius.

To be careful when choosing plastic toys

Toy is every child’s childhood friend, it play an important role, so parents carefully selected trustworthy toys for their children. At present, toys are mostly made of plastic on the market. A few days ago, the Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau of Guangdong province in China, carries out a monitor plan on the risk of children’s toys. The staff took sampling 90 batches in the field of production and circulation field and found 38 batch samples have quality and safety problems at different levels.
Most defective samples under reasonably foreseeable abuse will produce sharp tip or widget falls off. It is an insecurity factor.

Another 4 batch of products contain more phthalic acid esters plasticizer than qualified one that reach to the latest toys standard limit.

30 batches of defective toys volatile organic compounds at different levels.

Children are relatively insensitive about insecurity factors and have little awareness of self-protection. As a result, they are easy to get damaged by defective toys. It emerges plenty of cases that children get hurt by toys every year.

In the industry of children’s toys, plastic toys are worth attention because the productions of plastic toys are large, the types are various, and the second-hand recycling materials are inferior. The quality and safety problems of these kinds of inferior children’s toys are more prominent. Its typical quality safety problems include:

1. The toughness and strength of inferior plastic toys bare not enough. It will lead to a consequence that toys are easily crushed or broken, easy to have a widget or falling debris, the risk of existence and be swallowed by children, at the same time, the damaged parts to produce sharp tip easily hurt children, children damage may also be jammed fingers;

2. In the process of waste plastics recycling dissolved, volatile organic compounds in the solvent are easy to remain on the end toy products. For an example, some of plastic toys sold by vendors on the open space have typical pungent smells. If children touch these toys for a long time, it might chronically damage them.

3. In order to improve the physical features of the repeatedly recycled material, manufacturers may add excessive plasticizer and cause the amount of plasticizer is beyond the standard. It will bring potential chemical risk.

4. The painting of inferior plastic toys may be lack of security. It will cause coating easy to fall off and poisonous heavy metal is out of safe range.

When Parents choose toys for children, we suggest that you should guarantee the quality of plastic toys and keep receipts or invoices every time. In order to preserve children’s health and safety, please refuse to buy inferior toy products with low prices, and keep far away from toys sold by non-licensed vendors.
How to efficiently recycle plastics from children plastics toys, Greenmax plastics recycling machine provide us with various solutions. In the website, you will find it is profitable and meaningful way to recycling seemly useless plastics or Styrofoam. They may create values for you and whole society.