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3 Steps to Create Your Spookiest Halloween Costume

Trick or treat! Get ready to celebrate the Halloween season with lots of delicious candy, terrifying decorations, and playful costumes.

Halloween is the perfect time to unleash your alter ego. Always wanted to be a pirate? Maybe an astronaut? For kids and kids at heart, finding the perfect disguise doesn’t have to chill your bones or your bank account. Making your own costume is an easy way to save money and rock your costume contest.

Follow these simple steps to create your perfect Halloween night ensemble:

Step 1 – Find Your Inspiration

First, decide what you want to dress up as for the occasion. Some general ideas to get you started are animals, superheroes, or historical figures.

If you need some more inspiration, there are plenty of online quizzes to match your style with the perfect costume. If you’re doing a couples or group theme, grab your costuming crew to discuss your options. Bounce ideas off each other and work together on your design for the coolest costumes.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Sites like Pinterest are a treasure trove of ideas to spark your imagination. Let your creativity lead you to the road less traveled.

Also, dive into to pop culture trends from today and the past for costume ideas. You might be surprised at what you find.

Step 2 – Plan Your Costume

Since you’re embarking on your own costume journey, you will need to map out the finer details of your plan. Take a few minutes to write down each piece you’ll need to achieve your spooky look. The basics typically include: top, bottom, and shoes. Now think about the details. Accessories like props, masks, and make-up will add that spellbinding “wow” factor.

Remember, weather can be unpredictable in October. If you’re celebrating Halloween outdoors, plan ahead for rain or chilly temperatures. Make sure you have the right gear like an umbrella, boots, and a jacket. If you’ll be inside, plan for a costume with layers in case it’s warmer or cooler during the party. Have fun accessorizing those extras so they complement your costume.

Halloween comes around once a year, but you can have a frightening time without scaring your bank account. Decide on a budget for your costume in advance so it will be easier to stay on track when you go shopping for your items.

Step 3 – Operation Costume Shopping

Your idea is solid, and your plan is set. You are ready to shop for your costume! With fall right around the corner, it isn’t too early to get started. Turn your costume plan into an easy to mark off checklist. Another helpful shopping tip is to bring pictures or save them on your phone so you can keep your ideas fresh in your mind.
While looking for your costume pieces, look at other areas of the store besides the clothing department. The housewares section can have some great finds that can add an extra boost of originality.

Channel your inner designer by cutting, gluing, and adding pieces to make your costume one of a kind. There are many resources online for basic tips on altering your outfit so have fun exploring your artistic side.

Tips and Ideas to buy best Running Shoes

To buy the most comfortable pair of running shoes is never easy and can be at times a daunting task. As running involves foot`s repetitive movement from heel to toe, running shoes need to provide the right grip and traction for optimum efficiency and allowing the feet to breathe. Shoe designers are focusing increasing on comfort in running shoes.

Shoe companies have shoes for every kind of sport with endless models to make your choices. Nike, Asics, New Balance, Saucony, Puma are some of the well known companies that sell running shoes.

However, the most well known and trusted brand like Nike have running shoes suitable for road running, road racing, trail, competition and support types. Nike running shoes remain the undisputable choice for millions of sports persons all over the world.

Buy running shoes online:
If you are considering buying your running shoes for the first time or if you want to change to another one, you need to know something more. Cited below are ideas which will help choose best running shoes for your foot providing maximum durability, comfort and convenience.

o Buy a running specific shoe
There are different shoe types in running like neutral running shoes, motion-control shoes, stability shoes. Analyze your needs and buy accordingly.

o Running environment
Traditional running shoes that are light and designed with smoother cushioning and flexible outsoles are suitable for running on pavement, trails and indoor surfaces. Trail running shoes are designed with dense outsoles suited for off-road terrain.

It is important to know your running needs or your personal running style to find the perfect running shoe. If you are jogging or running on asphalt or tracks or treadmill, you need to buy a running shoe based on the type of running activity that gives you comfort.

o Understanding your foot pronation
It is important to know the level of your pronation before buying a running shoe. The way your foot rolls inwards while running is termed pronation. Some tend to have overpronation and some underpronation or suppination and some are neutral.
Those who pronate more should look for shoes with structured cushioning providing maximum support. While those who under pronate should buy shoes with lots of cushioning to prevent injuries.
Shoe companies design running shoes based on different pronation patterns. To improve the level of comfort and support, you need to buy running shoes based on your pronation type.

o Length and width of the shoe
Running shoes should not squeeze the foot. There must be enough space in the toe areas and the shoe should be long as you will need more space while running. This is because while running, the further you run, the more your foot expands.
The entire width of the foot should touch the base of the shoe.

o Shoe Weight
If you are going to run for long distances, it means that lighter ones are better.

o Runner`s weight
If the runner is heavy or overweight then he or she will need shoes that provide good support.

o Measure your foot
For a comfortable fit, you need to determine your shoe size. The shape of the foot changes with time life the size of the foot.

o Breathability
Mesh material found on the top of the running shoes is laid to allow your foot to breathe. However, if the conditions are cold or you want to run on cold mornings, then you can choose to buy a less breathable one.